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How to Properly Store Lingerie

Lingerie is delicate and spends much of its lifetime stored away while not in use. Properly caring for your lingerie is an important part of making it last as long as it can while also maintaining its beauty, functionality and shape.
Camisoles, Gowns and Slips
Some lingerie is best kept hanging in the closet on padded hangers. These hangers are available from most department stores and can be ordered online. They usually have knobs to hold the straps of your lingerie on the hanger and the padding protects the delicate straps from becoming stretched or wrinkled.
If hanging is not an option, these garments can be stored with tissue paper folded into them to prevent wrinkling.
Bras and Bustier
Garments with molded cups should be kept unfolded in a drawer. The cups of the lingerie should not be reshaped or crushed by the drawer or other articles of clothing. The cups of multiple articles can be nested together to save room if necessary. You may consider setting aside a specific drawer for bras and other shape-sensitive lingerie so there will always be room to store it without compromising its original shape.
Panties and Half Slips
Panties and skirt slips should be laid flat or gently placed in a satin bag with other similar articles. Take care not to snag these delicate pieces on bra hooks, clothing buttons or wood splinters.
A Caution About Wooden Dressers
The great majority of dressers and armoires are made of wood. While wooden dressers are perfectly suitable for storing lingerie, they offer a unique challenge of wood splinters that can snag and tear delicate fabrics. If you are storing silky or lacy lingerie in a wooden furnishing, always store items in cloth bags or protective boxes so they will not catch on the edges of the drawers or get snagged in the track or doors of the furniture.

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Sexy Panties - Why Men Love Them and Women Need Them

There's a difference between women's underwear and sexy panties. Underwear is functional. It is worn for sanitary purposes. Sexy panties are about femininity, self-expression, and style. Sexy panties are perhaps the only item of clothing that can influence the mood of both women and men.

While panties may have evolved over the years as the embodiment of female sexuality, they did not start out that way. Their original purpose was to cover-up and minimize a woman's feminine features.

The first "panties" were the brainchild of Elizabeth Miller, but Amelia Bloomer revised them during the 1850's. They were essentially long, baggy pants ending at the ankles (a.k.a. "bloomers"). In the late 18th century bloomers got two other nametags - knickers and knickerbockers.

When the roaring 20s arrived, signaling the end of World War I, young women began wearing shorter skirts for greater comfort while dancing. With all of the high leg kicking that was taking place, undergarments went from being a private article of clothing, to potentially being a public display of intimate fashion apparel.

As a result the first pastel panties were designed and the word "lingerie" first appeared in public. The term lingerie derives from the French word 'lin' which means linen. During the beginning of the 20th century it was still being called underwear and was worn mainly for hygienic purposes. It was at this time that bloomers began to shrink in size.


In the 1940s, Frederick's of Hollywood opened shop in Hollywood. They began turning out prettier undergarments, lingerie, and corsets. Many viewed these more fashionable undergarments as "hooker" attire. After all, why would a respectable woman need raunchy panties?

Thus, any pretty and/or fashionable garments worn under clothing were deemed as lingerie; which was associated with bad girls who did bad things...that men liked. Frederick's of Hollywood still carries this stigma today and as a result, has been overshadowed by Victoria's Secret as a more "respectable" undergarment retailer.

Colorful, bright, sexy, and flashier fashions of women's lingerie were becoming available. More fabrics such as cotton, satin, lace and silk began to be incorporated into the makeup of women's lingerie, making them more desired by females and more sensual to males.


This is perhaps the great turning point when panties became more than simple hygiene products and were viewed as a symbol for sexuality and eroticism worldwide.

During the 1960s, there was a stir about the old, traditional views of women's undergarments, which some people wanted to look more like females' anatomies. Female anatomy was largely misunderstood due to censorship of the subject. Some feminist women were complaining that traditional women's undergarments were created to impose control and distort the appearance of women's figures (which it originally did).

This movement caused many females to have a new outlook on their undergarments. The underpants began to be made more like women's anatomy, as designers experimented with different cuts and fabrics. The underpants got smaller and skinnier and began to be more openly sexualized.

Then the 70s and sexual liberation arrived. Inhibitions diminished and so did the tolerance for grandma panties (which is what bloomers were now called).


While many credit Rudi Gernreich with introducing the first modern thong back in 1974 - in this country - it was actually the Egyptians, conceptually, who were one of the earliest people to wear them. The loincloth, worn thousands of years ago by them, is likely to be the first undergarment worn by humans and it evolved into the thong over the years. So, ironically, it was first worn by men in ancient times before it evolved into part of women's lingerie in modern times.

The thong, originally called a V-back, are a special type of underwear that ride high on the hips and leave the bottom almost completely exposed. They were also worn for many years by exotic Brazilian dancers during festivals. Thongs also grew in popularity during the 80s in South America and were used as swimwear at the beaches. The popularity of the thong spread to various parts of the world in the late 80s.

In the US, the thong had to gain acceptance before it gained popularity. In the early 90s R&B vocalist Sisqo and his famous "Thong Song" helped with both. Today, the thong is one of the best selling styles of undergarment in the world. The size of the lingerie industry is said to be over $2 billion a year. The rest is history.

Because most articles of this nature are written by women, I thought it would be nice to offer a male point of view on the sex appeal of various types of panties and why men love them.


Commonly referred to as "butt floss" because they are made with the least amount of material, G-Strings are a woman's best defense against panty lines. They are virtually invisible under snug or tight fitting pants. G-Strings look best on the woman who has a rounder, more well-defined ass.

For women who lack plumpness in that area, a G-String with a triangle back will add more definition to your buttocks and make them appear rounder in the way that thongs do. Thongs are best for visually enhancing and adding definition to less defined buttocks.


This is a relatively new G-String. It has a low front panel, which makes it smaller than a G-string. While I like the concept and the visual, Micro G-Strings seem very impractical and slightly uncomfortable, but very, very erotic. Perhaps best for "situational" use.


These are a hybrid between Thongs and G-String. They have more material and cover a greater portion of the buttocks than G-Strings. They also provide greater ass definition for those who need it, but lack the comfort of G-strings.


A C-String is a type of thong that has only a thin string connecting the front piece covering the vagina. Unlike the more popular G-String, V-String, and T-String, the C-String does not contain a waist band. It is held in place by a flexible frame which "clamps" onto the body. It looks more like a space age medical device, but clearly it's easy to remove...which can have its benefits.


This thong has a wide waistband going around the back. The T shape is made by the juncture of the waistband part merging into the back material of the thong. This version of the thong is perhaps the least favorite among men. It looks and feels like a belt. The material in the waist seems excessive.


Boy shorts, also known as boy short panties, boys' cut, booty shorts, shorties, tap panties or boy-leg briefs are a sort of lingerie that goes all the way down the hips. Some stop short of the length of the hip to reveal a portion of a woman's "cheeks" for titillation. They are similar in style to male boxer shorts - but are tighter and of course, much sexier. Men like them because they are fun, flirty, and sensual. If you have nice, plump, round buttocks, boy shorts will accentuate your assets.


The classic bikini is still sexy - subtle, but sexy. They come in many variations. Bikini underwear can refer to virtually any undergarment that provides less coverage to the midsection than traditional underwear, panties or knickers. As much as men love the aforementioned panties, bikini briefs tend to outnumber most panties in a woman's undergarment supply.


The ass bra allegedly enhances the lift, shape and volume of the ass while also flattening the lower tummy and shaping the thigh. That's quite a lot to deliver on. My research revealed their average price to be $64.

How does it work? According to one website:

"Constructed of 3 high-tech layers...an inner and outer silky-soft layer made of a Nylon/Spandex blend creates a smooth seamless look under clothing. A high-compression latex middle layer provides breathable and flexible slimming of the tummy. A creative solution for those who want the illusion of slim and trim thighs, a tummy-tuck and a butt-lift without the use of padding."


These are Bikini-style panties with either a peephole or a lace-up in the back, so named for the "cleavage" view they create. They don't do much for men; though they seemingly provide women with more air, should they desire it.


These are...interesting panties which do away with backside fabric completely and are held up by a band underneath the buttocks. Hmm...can't see the point of them.

On the Flirty Lingerie website I read the most powerful and intelligent statement about sexy panties...which was written by a woman:

"When a woman passes a mirror she may pause to see if she is all put together. That includes her hair, makeup, teeth and so on. Never is the focus on the panties she is wearing and perhaps rightfully so. I don't advocate that a woman should check out her underwear throughout the day for obvious reasons. On the other hand...the clothes a woman wears make a statement about her sense of style, fashion sense and personality; therefore the choice of panties can, and does, make a difference in a woman's wardrobe."

I couldn't agree more.

Gian Fiero is an educator, speaker and consultant who specializes in business development, career planning, and personal growth issues.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2582652

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How to Choose Comfortable Underwear

  1. Did you know that 80% of Americans wear the same type of underwear for their entire adult lives? This means that a lot of people are probably putting up with substandard underwear! The reality is that underwear isn't meant to be scratchy, pinching, or unflattering. And while choosing comfortable underwear can be challenging with the wide range of choices out there, it is easier once you know what to look for. This article explains what to look for when choosing your underwear so that you can make good choices that will leave you feeling comfortable and supported by your underwear!
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  3. Resist confusing fashion and comfort. While it is reasonable to expect the two ideals to converge these days, it isn't always the case and it is more important to put your comfort before your fashion statement. As Janet Street-Porter says, always remember that "what you wear should not be a source of pain, vast expense, or misery."] Some key things to keep in mind before you take your next trip to purchase comfortable underwear:

    • Underwear sits against your skin all day long. It couldn't get any closer. Therefore, it should feel comfortable.
    • Choose features, benefits and design over color, brand and packaging. Just because it says "designer" doesn't mean it's a good fit for you.
    • Equally, just because the box looks good, does not mean the underwear inside it is comfortable. Same applies to the sales assistant's pitch. It's your own sense of comfort that is the real indicator of the worth of underwear.
    • And finally, but importantly, just because it's ugly doesn't mean it isn't sexy. Think Bridget Jones. If it's keeping things in that you're after, and you're comfortable and looking great, it's a win all round!
  4. 2
    Choose the right size.
    Choose the right size.
    Choose the right size. Comfort is about fit before all else. Underwear that pinches, pulls, squashes, and generally makes your life as unpleasant as possible should be avoided because you are not supposed to be in pain! Here are some very basic ways to ensure that you get the right size underwear:
    • Be honest with yourself. Avoid the temptation to go one size smaller just because you're concerned about how it might look. In fact, a size that is too small for you doesn't do your body parts any favors when they're squished out of shape and stick out more!
    • Get a proper fitting if you're purchasing bras. Bras are especially important to get properly fitted because they should not dig into your breast tissue, cause sagging, or sit crookedly. Have a fitting yearly too, as your breast shape changes over time.Always adjust the straps when fitting bras.
    • For underpants, compare your waist size to the size charts that are usually printed on the back of underpants, boxers, etc. Sometimes the store will have a chart on display. The key things to look for include symmetry (no tugging across your derriere), snug but not binding openings around legs and waist, no digging into the skin, and the gusset (crotch) must be smooth and flat, not tight or sagging.
    • If the store allows you to try on underpants over your existing underpants, then do so. Do not take off your current underpants though (perish the thought)!
    • If the store won't allow a fitting in-store for underpants, buy one pair of underpants, boxer shorts, briefs, etc., if you are not sure of your current size. Given that many stores don't allow exchanges on underwear for hygiene reasons (often regulated), don't throw away your money on too many pairs that aren't going to fit. Try the underpants on at home, then buy more of that size if they fit, or size up if needed.
    • Ask for the retail assistant's help. Possibly a good salesperson can size you up just with a glance. Be sure that they know what they're doing though!
  5. 3
    Look for quality fabrics.
    Look for quality fabrics.
    Look for quality fabrics. Fabric can be a big cause of discomfort when wearing underwear, especially if it is scratchy, sweat-inducing, doesn't breathe, and feels awful. When assessing your new underwear, the following tips can help you to make a sound choice:
    • Feel the material for smoothness, softness and comfort. Run your fingers through the underwear. How does it feel to you?
    • If it feels too thin or too thick, keep looking. Thick fabrics can bunch up and look unsightly.
    • Look for soft fabrics. Cotton is always a favorite because it breathes well and is very easy to care for. Other good choices include Lycra, Microfiber, bamboo, cashmere, silk-feel nylons, high quality polyesters (polyester gives most support - look for cotton crotches), etc. Silk and satins are a lovely choice too but they hard to care for well, as they require handwashing. Blends are often a good choice because they can support and contour at the same time. Read the labels to find out the alleged benefits.
    • Remember, these items are against your skin all day long, so don't even think of putting up with something scratchy or constricting!
  6. 4
    Consider the benefits of wearing seamless underwear. Although seams may not seem much, and do not bother everyone, wearing tight fitting clothing or simply sitting on these seams for a long time may cause discomfort and the prolonged pressure might leave marks. Such pressure can even lead to skin irritation and itchy skin in a sensitive person.
    • Lycra and Spandex create the most seamless appearance.
    • Open-toed shoes should always be worn with seamless toe tights. There is no other option apart from bare feet with well-conditioned nails.
  7. 5
    Select a cut or style that works for you.
    Select a cut or style that works for you.
    Select a cut or style that works for you. Both underpants and bras come in a range of different cuts (or shapes) that take into account your personal support and comfort preferences. It isn't always easy working out which cut or style will work best for you, however, and you might simply have to be daring and try a range of types to see which feel most comfortable.
    • Try on different types and see how they feel for you. Don't be swayed by sales hype – the cut must sit well from your point of view.
    • Bra cuts include strapless, cross-over, demi-bra, convertible, front closure, halter, longline, lined, push-up, racerback, seamless, underwire, etc.
    • Underpants range from a G-string, thong, bikini or string bikini, loose or tight boxer shorts, tap pants, briefs: boy leg brief, French cut, control brief, full coverage, high cut, etc. Each has its benefits and disadvantages depending on your size, activity levels, and preference. And you need to try them on to know what works for you, as there really is no right or wrong style, just a wrong feeling!
    • Check that the underwear doesn't constrict or cut into your arms, waist and legs.
    • Think about what you do all day long. If you're a sportsperson, look at the sports underwear for supportive, contoured underwear. If you're sitting in an office all day long, surprisingly, the same features of support and contour as sports gear are important considerations. If you aren't very active due to illness or some other reason, you might want less contouring and more looseness.
  8. 6
    Legal briefs
    Legal briefs
    Check the tightness of any elastic bands. An elastic band that feels too tight will constrict you. The elastic bands on some underwear can be too tight, placing you at risk of constricting your blood flow or causing skin irritation. If your undergarments are leaving marks on your body after you take them off, stop using that underwear anymore. A good pair of underwear should not leave marks on your body after wear.
  9. 7
    Consider organic underwear. Not only does selecting organic underwear help to support an industry growing fabric materials without resorting to pesticides, but also, much of this type of clothing comes without bleaches or dyes used in its production. Since your underwear is in constant contact with your skin and is under your clothing most of the time, such chemicals can potentially cause skin irritation. This is especially important if you have very sensitive skin.
  10. 8
    Consider no underwear. While this is an option that will horrify some people, for others going "au naturel" under the clothing is the norm. If it works for you and isn't unsafe, unhygienic, or uncomfortable, it might be one answer to solving any feelings of discomfort. The drawbacks to this method are that you will have your clothing fabric in direct contact with sensitive areas of your skin, you might feel vulnerable, and you might be embarrassed if the wind or bending over exposes your secret! Also, be aware of any discharge you may have which could leak through your clothing, in which case it is probably best to wear undies.
    • Trinny and Susannah recommend that flat chested women substitute a bandeau made from flesh-colored tights tied around your chest like a bandeau rather than wearing an uncomfortable and unnecessary bra. This way, you can wear a skimpy top or dress without feeling exposed.
  11. 9
    Remove store tags and sewn-on tags
    Remove store tags and sewn-on tags
    Remove tags from the underwear after purchase. These can cause scratching and rubbing problems if you're sensitive to them. Once removed, you can always store them somewhere if you need the care instructions. It is possible to purchase tagless underwear in some brands, if preferred.
  12. 10
    Care for your underwear properly. Good care for underwear is essential for prolonging its life and ensuring that you get the most comfort from it. For example, poorly washed bras can cause the underwires to poke through and hurt you when wearing. Avoid premature destruction of your comfortable underwear by reading the care label carefully and storing all underwear in an airy, clean space. Here are some ideas to help you get started on good underwear maintenance:
  13. 11
    Replace underwear regularly. It isn't a good idea to hold onto your underwear well beyond its use-by date. As the underwear sags and loses its advantages, your comfort levels drop and it won't be doing much for your appearance either. Rotating underwear frequently and good care will extend the lifespan considerably, so it is a good idea to look after your underwear well. Here are some average lifespans for your underwear:
    • Bras – 3-6 months; longer if you have a number of pairs and rotate them but even then, should be changed yearly. Hand washing is essential for bras, using a soap designed for delicates.
    • Underpants – 6 months.
  14. 12
    Recycle underwear that is too old, tatty and uncomfortable.
    Recycle underwear that is too old, tatty and uncomfortable.
    Recycle underwear that is too old, tatty and uncomfortable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Source: wikiHow